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Diese private Cloud-Plattform dient zur Verwaltung von Projekten. 
Der PlatinusProjectPlace ist ein geschlossenes Informationssystem. Für den Zugriff werden Benutzerdaten benötigt. 
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Die Verfügbarkeit der Plattform ist vom 07.00h nis 21:00h: 
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The OpenProject Enterprise edition builds on top of the Community edition. It includes Enterprise add-ons and professional support mainly aimed at organizations with more than 10 users that manage business critical projects with OpenProject.

Become a hero! Developers need to pay their bills, too. By upgrading to the Enterprise edition, you will be supporting this open source community effort and contributing to its development, maintenance and continuous improvement.

We deliver the confidence of a tested and supported enterprise-class project management software - with Open Source and an open mind.